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Yahoo comments, the trailer park block party of the internet

June 14, 2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 14/06/2011 Washington, D.C. – A recent survey published by the Internet Freedom of Speech Foundation ranked the quality and content of comments on the top 50 news and interactive media sites on the Internet. Donald Wolfson, a spokesman for the IFSF wrote a short recap of the study where he […]

Camping and James, choking and stroking

June 13, 2011


By Randall York – Daily Burlesque 13/6/2011 New York, NY – In a rare double move, God finally brought some justice to the citizens of Cleveland, and the radio airwaves, in the short span of less then 24 hours. As many are now aware, the Miami Heat, guided by the chosen one from the mistake […]

’93 Bills team sends Lebron “huge” basket of heimlich maneuver dvds

June 13, 2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 13/06/2011 Buffalo, NY – Buffalo’s 1993 Super Bowl choking NFL team must have “lost it’s g’damn mind” according to an unnamed Miami Heat spokesperson, after Heat star Lebron James received a 500 pound gift basket full of heimlich maneuver dvds, booklets and workplace instructional signs following the Heat’s 105-95 loss to […]

CA Redditor still working on new “Le Rage” comic, hoping for more then 2 upvotes this time

June 13, 2011


By Jayson Freece – Daily Burlesque 13/06/2011 Mountain View, CA –  Dave Burgess, 19, a frequent poster on the internet site, has nearly finished his newest rage comic. “it’s called every-time I eat asparagus, and it’s going to be my best yet” said Burgess. Burgess, a full time student at nearby Foothill College in […]

For first time ever, sock “hopped” into toilet story works

June 10, 2011


By Jayson Freece – Daily Burlesque 10/06/2011 A young child from Albany, NY successfully convinced his mother that his dirty sock had “hopped into the toilet.” Bradley Jameson, 6 years old, put on quite a show according to his little brother Brian, 4, ” he really sold it, and I don’t know if Mom was […]

Leona Helmsley the real inspiration for the Joker

June 9, 2011


Jayson Freece – The Daily Burlesque 09/6/2011 Bob Kane, the artist behind the Batman comic strip admitted today that Leona Helmsley was the real inspiration he used when he created the Joker. “I really struggled to find the perfect mix of psycho and genius, and then one day I was flipping through the paper and I […]

Westboro Baptist to release font collection under GPLv3

June 8, 2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 8/6/2011 Topeka, Kansas – The Westboro Baptist church announced today that it will release it’s entire collection of Sanctified Fonts under the GPLv3 license. Pastor Fred Phelps made the announcement via the Church’s website. “we are so pleased to share this wonderful collection of divinely inspired fonts with the world, […]