NY Man sure it’s all Obama’s fault

Posted on 19/06/2011


Randall York – The Daily Burlesque 19/06/2011

Syracuse, NY – Walter Morris, a 58 year old man from Manlius, NY, has recently decided to start voting say his friends and neighbors. Morris had spent the last 40 years of his voting eligible life as a “conscientious objector” but after 2 years of watching FoxNews and listening to conservative talk radio in the car, he decided it was time to start doing something. “Did you know that all the economic problems we have today are because of Obama? I saw a program on the news a couple nights ago showing how all of the current statistics prove that Obama is ruining America” said Morris. “And now he’s declaring war like he has the power to do it, giving away our jobs to Russia, and look at the gas prices” he continued, “they’ve gone from $1.35 to over $4.00 per gallon, and the only people that benefit from that are his friends at Halliburton and Exxon” said an increasingly animated Morris.When asked by our reporter about the possibility that some of the issues Obama has dealt with could be results of prior administration policies Morris stated “No way, that’s what the liberal media wants people to think so they re-elect him, if people really knew the truth they’d register to vote to.”

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