40 year old Quakertown man still pretty upset that he got duped into buying the animated Green Lantern on itunes

Posted on 15/06/2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 15/06/2011

Quakertown, PA – Nate Rodgers, a 40 year old “stay at home son”, is still fuming over wasting his entire allowance on the animated version of the Green Lantern on itunes. “It looked like the poster I saw for the [upcoming] movie, and without thinking to check and make sure, I clicked buy. After it downloaded I was really surprised that it wasn’t the new one.” Rodgers said that this isn’t first time itunes has tried to sneak one past him, “a couple months ago I thought I was buying Green Day’s greatest hits and it turned out to be some crappy cover band’s Green Day tribute album.” When asked by his parents why he didn’t read the review of the movie before buying it, Rodgers said that “he was really busy working on Empires And Allies and was too focused to be bothered with reading something.”

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