Yahoo comments, the trailer park block party of the internet

Posted on 14/06/2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 14/06/2011

Washington, D.C. – A recent survey published by the Internet Freedom of Speech Foundation ranked the quality and content of comments on the top 50 news and interactive media sites on the Internet. Donald Wolfson, a spokesman for the IFSF wrote a short recap of the study where he discussed the variables used to assign value to the comments “we looked at relevance to the original post, the posters writing ability, and the overall cordiality of the comments.” Wolfson indicated that the results came as a significant surprise to everyone working on the project “We expected to see Yahoo, CNN, Fox… at the top, but Yahoo in particular was the biggest disappointment. It’s [Yahoo] commenters are rarely capable of constructing a simple sentence, are nearly always off topic, and the tone of their comments is generally ignorant, small-minded and hateful.” Wolfson’s criticism of Yahoo did not stop there though, “In my opinion, people should protect both themselves and their children from the debauched pit of humanity that is the comment section on any Yahoo article.”