White House Announces corporate sponsorship program

Posted on 14/06/2011


By Randall York – Daily Burlesque 14/06/2011

Washington, D.C. –  White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced Monday that in an effort to cut back on expenses and bring in additional revenue for the government the White House is launching a corporate sponsorship program. Carney was very pragmatic in his explanation for the rational behind the new program ” We began to realize that Americans are tired of seeing the half hearted attempts at subliminal suggestion that we plaster the press conferences with, and just because you write “Accountability” 500 times doesn’t make the government anymore accountable.” He then highlighted several of the direct benefits of the program by saying “So now, instead of seeing some garbage PR term printed across the background a million times, you’ll see a simple and effective crawl screen on the TV promoting our new corporate sponsors, additionally the background screen will display the following text Today’s White House Press Conference brought to you by Cisco Systems, Inc, Gold Partner of the United States Executive Branch, with a small but tasteful logo.”