Michael Lohan’s Parenting book cracks the top 100,000 on Amazon’s sales list

Posted on 14/06/2011


By Jayson Freece – Daily Burlesque 13/06/2011

Miami, FL – Good Dad, Great Dad! How to be a Celebrity Father is the title of Michal Lohan’s self acclaimed autobiography detailing the trials and tribulations that he has “overcome” to become a “Great Dad”.  Earlier today the book broke the top 100,000 list of Amazon.com’s bestseller list after 18 weeks in publication and Lohan was quick to publicize his success. “I always believed in myself, regardless of what that bit** daughter of mine has said” Lohan said in a brief interview with Channel 73 local access in Miami. Some critics however are questioning whether Lohan is taking his success with the right attitude, “I was appalled when I saw that [Lohan] had decided to go through with the book project, and I can only imagine what kind of narcissistic bullsh** he’s trying to push on his 4 readers” said Jonathan Richards a book critic for literature-today.com.

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