Fox Viewers upset over GOP debate theme song

Posted on 14/06/2011


By Glenn Specker – Daily Burlesque 14/06/2011

New York, NY – FoxNews forums are buzzing today with anger over the network’s accidental theme song mix-up. The controversial mistake took place during the ending credits of the debate when the tune to Ben Fold’s song Battle of Who Could Care Less was heard in the background prior to the cutover for post debate analysis. Joan Williams, a long time viewer and member of the Fox Forum said ” I was appalled at this supposed mix-up, it’s bad enough that this year’s choices for GOP nominee are a bunch of has-beens and never-were’s, but that was just downright insulting.” Ryan Morris, a vocal supporter of both Fox and the GOP was equally as livid “I care! I don’t know who thought this was funny, but I’m going to write my congressman.” Fox issued a brief statement regarding the mix-up, stating that people may have “misheard something that sounded like that song, but it was actually Newt Gingrich’s cellphone ringtone.”

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