Camping and James, choking and stroking

Posted on 13/06/2011


By Randall York – Daily Burlesque 13/6/2011

New York, NY – In a rare double move, God finally brought some justice to the citizens of Cleveland, and the radio airwaves, in the short span of less then 24 hours. As many are now aware, the Miami Heat, guided by the chosen one from the mistake by the lake (AKA Cleveland) choked his way through another awful fourth quarter of NBA basketball, unfortunately  for him it was an elimination game in the finals. And a mere several hours prior, Harold Camping, famous for his failed rapture and Miami Heat Championship predictions suffered a minor stroke that will leave him unable to spew mindless fear-mongering and questionable financial advice  for at least 4 months. Ironically, both Camping and James are expected to return to their standard practice of letting people down the hard way around the same time in October.

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