CA Redditor still working on new “Le Rage” comic, hoping for more then 2 upvotes this time

Posted on 13/06/2011


By Jayson Freece – Daily Burlesque 13/06/2011

Mountain View, CA –  Dave Burgess, 19, a frequent poster on the internet site, has nearly finished his newest rage comic. “it’s called every-time I eat asparagus, and it’s going to be my best yet” said Burgess. Burgess, a full time student at nearby Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, has been creating rage comics for several months now. To his disappointment though, none of his creations ever hit the front page of Reddit and he was beginning to question if maybe he should try his hand at a Meme before he had an epiphany in the bathroom following his lunch in the school cafeteria. “I’ve put so much time into this whole Le Rage thing, and it was really frustrating to see all the good ideas I had get down-voted by trolls before the community could see the brilliance of my work.” So far, Burgess has submitted over 15 comics, but “I’ve only gotten a couple up-votes and I’m still hovering around 100 karma points” said Burgess. When asked about the content of his new comic Burgess replied coyly “I don’t want to give away the ending because ideas like this are really hard to come by, and the last thing I want to resort to is posting another picture of my Mom’s cat wearing a kittyboy hat to get more Karma.”