’93 Bills team sends Lebron “huge” basket of heimlich maneuver dvds

Posted on 13/06/2011


Dean Wright – Daily Burlesque 13/06/2011

Buffalo, NY – Buffalo’s 1993 Super Bowl choking NFL team must have “lost it’s g’damn mind” according to an unnamed Miami Heat spokesperson, after Heat star Lebron James received a 500 pound gift basket full of heimlich maneuver dvds, booklets and workplace instructional signs following the Heat’s 105-95 loss to the Dallas Mavericks. “That Sh** was really f***** up” said fellow Heat star Chris Bosh, “I remember hearing my dad talk about the biggest choke of all time being that Bills team, and for them to do that to Lebron is just jacked up.” Frank G. Jackson (D), the current mayor of Cleveland, OH had this say when asked about the Bills irony laden gift to the cities former star ” Bron thought he could walk out of here and be a winner with somebody else, but he’s still from Cleveland and nobody from Cleveland wins sh**.”

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