Nasrallah excited about new fall clothing line

Posted on 12/06/2011


By Hadid Hijab – Daily Burlesque 12/06/2011

Beirut, Lebanon – Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah announced the new fall line of Hezbollah’s H & N clothing line. “We are very excited to show off the new fashions that our designers have been hard at work creating for the last several months” said Nasrallah. The H & N clothing line has been one of Hezbollah’s biggest successes to date, according to Nasarallah, and he added “our design team takes great pride in making sure that every garment we produce is capable of concealing at least 2 knives,1 handgun and enough hashish to sell so you can buy another gun in case you lost the first one.” Nasrallah finished the announcement by teasing the crowd with the name of  the upcoming winter clothing line  “nightclub-jihadist wear, for the fashion conscious terrorist”