Wiener Resigns, announces scandal was just a publicity stunt

Posted on 08/06/2011


By Randall York – Daily Burlesque 9/6/2011

New York City, NY – In move that has surprised even his closest supporters, Rep. Anthony Wiener (D NY) announced late wednesday evening via his secret twitter handle “@repwienerDNY” that he would be resigning from Congress immediately. Wiener posted his entire resignation via twitter over a series tweets. The resignation was not the only surprise Wiener had in store though, in his 4th tweet he dropped what many are calling the real shocker. “Weiner’s 4th tweet was a real jaw dropper” said Robert Brigson a social media consultant from San Francisco, CA. “Not only did he admit that the entire twitter pic scandal was a publicity stunt, but he also admitted why he did it.” Weiner’s tweet “the scandal is just social marketing! I’ve been planning this “scandal” for years and am delighted with the publicity, it’s exactly the press I need for my next project .” “Wiener really showed a lot with that tweet” said Brigson, “the slow build up, the eventual media climax, and now he’s got all eyes on his next move” But the revelations will not end there said Brigson, “Wiener’s a sly dog, he’s got big plans for using this publicity as a stepping stone to real fame” Brigson however, was unsure what that next move could be. “If it were me, I’d use both the content of the scandal, the press and the last name to my advantage, and with that type of combination there’s really only one direction he could go.” Brigson did not say what that direction was, but one can only asume he was suggesting Wiener aim his sights at the Governors Mansion in CA.

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