Telemarketer’s Strike not going well

Posted on 08/06/2011


By Jayson Freece – Daily Burlesque 8/6/2011

Omaha, NE – The Nation’s only telemarketer’s labor union has announced today that the ongoing labor strike has not been “as successful as they would have hoped” according to a press release submitted to an online press agency. David Nelson, director of the Telemarketers Labor Union of America, was quoted in the release as saying “when we started this strike we were really excited about the solidarity the union members were exhibiting. We were very confident that the American public would respond in a positive and supportive fashion to the very reasonable demands put forth by the union, but so far our message has failed to gain any traction with the mainstream media.” Nelson did say that he is becoming more hopeful everyday though, and that some online media outlets are beginning to cover the strike and it’s economic impact on the fragile US economy. “We’ve been seeing a decent amount of press on several MySpace pages, and somebody even setup a fan page on Facebook.”

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