SarahPAC announces History channel mini-series

Posted on 07/06/2011


By Glenn Specker – Daily Burlesque 7/6/2011

Philadelphia, PA – SarahPAC is proud to announce that Sarah Palin has teamed up with the History Channel in a new series with a fresh look on American History. “I’m so tired of all this propaganda that the liberal media has brainwashed the average American into thinking” said Brian Johnston, the SarahPAC spokesman for the project. “American’s have been spoon-fed this liberal-biased, revisionist history from the first day they enter day care” said Johnston, and “we’re proud to

be the first Americans to begin this very necessary process of re-educating the public, showing them that the supposed mistakes of liberal history are really one more way that freedom-hating liberalism is taught to our children.” Johnston also addressed the recent press regarding Palin’s statements about Paul Revere by saying ” this is exactly what we’re trying to address, many American’s don’t know that Revere was also warning the British that American’s have certain rights and liberties that the constitution gives to us, instead they just believe in the old one if by land, two if by sea fairy tale that historically confirmed socialist Longfellow propagandized.” Johnston also spoke in length about the content of the first episode and the direction the series would take over time ” We really want to focus on Lincoln and Washington and how they worked together on creating the freedom from taxes that people want”. Palin was not available for comment.

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