Germany pretty sure it’s not Spain, now points finger at Ireland, Greece and Portugal

Posted on 07/06/2011


By  Dani Hortlz – Daily Burlesque 7/6/2011

Hamburg, Germany – Hamburg’s Minister of Health, announced tuesday that she had narrowed down the possible culprits of the deadly e coli outbreak to Greek Olives, Irish Potatoes or something from Portugal. Asked how she came to her conclusions, Prufer-Storcks responded  ” I don’t have any actual proof that any produce from any these countries is the culprit, but I have very strong suspicions that  whomever is late on their bailout payment in July is behind this”.  Upon hearing the accusations from Prufer-Storcks, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou quickly released a statement denying any knowledge of a Greek plan to use “trojan olives” as a means to take Germany’s attention off the looming Greek debt crisis. The response in Ireland was equally as defiant where several Irish people got angry, consumed alcohol, and fought with each other over who was a “Gerry Lover”.

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