Baghdad Court rules against goat diaper prosecution case

Posted on 07/06/2011


By Hadid Hijab – Daily Burlesque 7/6/2011

Muslim Clerics in Iraq are fuming over a recent secular court decision to repeal the punishment handed down to Ali Al-Salem, a farmer from the Iraqi village of Al Balad in the central region of Iraq’s Anbar province. Al-Salem had been convicted by a court of clerics for violating the anti-agricultural sensuality laws of the largely Shiite town of Al Balad. “Al-Salem’s crime was heinous” said Baghdad Shiite leader Muqtada Al Sadr, “he know’s the law as well as anyone, and in the opinion of the court, he is guilty of not one, but two serious violations of Iraqi law” said Sadr. Al-Salem’s crimes are very serious according to Sadr, as “he used his resources from God to try and tempt the woman at the market into buying his goods” this was apparently accomplished by placing carrots in-between apples and oranges, and his “stubborn refusal” to diaper his well endowed male goat. Al-Salem’s original punishment was death by hanging, but the Baghdad based secular court reduced his sentence to 18 lashes of a 9 tailed whip.

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